Apple_iPhone_5_BackThe strange data leak experienced by some iPhone users might not be exclusive to Verizon. Reports from AT&T customers, as indicated by multiple tweets, have surfaced from users who claim they've been hit with hundreds of dollars in overages due to the same Wi-Fi issue.

It doesn't appear the issue is specific to the iPhone 5, as one iPhone 4S owner running iOS 6 on AT&T said they've experience the problem as well. If that's the case, it would seem Apple's mobile software is to blame, and a fix needs to be applied to all users running iOS 6 pronto.

Apple's latest mobile OS has been giving users all kinds of Wi-Fi problems since it hit in September, with this one being the most alarming. Verizon said it won't charge customers for the accidental data leak, so let's hope AT&T will do the same if the problem is indeed affecting iPhone owners on that network. We reached out to AT&T, but the carrier said it has no comment at this time.

[via 9to5Mac]