Dashlane is best known as a password manager, but with its latest version, it’s aiming to become something more all-encompassing. The newest version of the service, Dashlane 6, aims to address the growing threat of identity theft.

Dashlane 6 essentially breaks down its digital protection into three categories: prevent, monitor and restore, which will be enacted through a new system called the Identity Dashboard. It will provide users with a complete picture of their online presence, starting with the passwords they use and protect everything from passwords to payments to personal information.

Some of the features Dashlane 6 will offer includes dark web monitoring, credit score monitoring, identity restoration support, VPN service and Identity Theft Insurance worth up to $1 million in claims.

“Managing digital identity has become too complex for almost anyone,” said Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit. “Massive data breaches and data abuses affect us all, and while protecting accounts with unique and complex passwords is a crucial step, it is no longer enough.”

The new services will be spread out through three different tiers. The basic free tier offers password management; the second Premium tier adds things like dark web monitoring and VPN; and the top of the line Premium Plus offers everything, including the Identity Theft Insurance.

Dashlane 6 is now available for all users.