I don't know very much about this Darth Maul guy. He barely spoke in The Phantom Menace, and I deliberately choose to not get lost in any Star Wars fiction beyond the films or anything with the words "BioWare" or "Obsidian" on the cover. To me, he was just a dude who got cut in half  during a fight in which neither side had anything to gain and everything to lose.

Ugh, what an awful movie.

Well, he almost did get his own video game apparently. Footage from a canceled Darth Maul centered Star Wars game has emerged from Red Fly Studio, the company which ported Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 to the Wii. Red Fly had scored rights to make its own game in the deal, but LucasArts killed it after eight months of development.

The game started as a Nintendo exclusive, but it eventually was in development for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and even the Wii U. Apparently, Darth Maul comes back to life in The Clone Wars cartoon, confirming why I never dig deep into extended Star Wars lore, and Red Fly Studio was just as blind to that fact as me.

The company had no idea the character they were using was going to be resurrected, and that rubbed against George Lucas's plans. He himself jumped in on the writing and said that the tone should be made to be like "buddy cop-like experience" with some goon named Darth Talon. Again, I don't know who that is, but the idea sounds awful considering the silent Darth Maul would need to verbally interact with another character.

Or does he speak in the cartoon or one of those crummy novels? I'm so confused!

LucasArts ceased contact with the team shortly after the interference, and the game simply fizzled out. So now you know the man to talk to if you ever need an unwanted Star Wars idea to simply disappear.