I’m still in shock that a third Darksiders game is actually happening. While I had enough fun with the first two, there really wasn’t much hope for the series. Not only had it underperformed both times out of the gate, publisher THQ was sold off in pieces to other companies. But here we are, and here it is. The first trailer dropped a few days ago, but now we have some actual gameplay to check out. It’s in a pre-alpha state, but there’s a bit we can glean from it.

It’s definitely pre-alpha

While Darksiders 3 appears to be running well, there are plenty of signs the game is isn’t ready for primetime.

The biggest mark against it right now is the combat. The gameplay video spends a good amount of time focusing on protagonist Fury’s whip-based combat, but it’s the weakest part of the video. Right now, it feels floaty at best, and doesn’t carry the intensity you’d expect from a character named Fury.

But again, this is from a pre-alpha build, so the team is likely still doing a lot of work to get the game feeling just right.

The world also feels a little dead right now. That makes sense, considering that the series started with all of humanity being wiped out, but even so it feels like still life. Again, though, there’s plenty of time and room for it to change between now and its release date.

What is on full display is artist Joe Madureira’s character design work. While Madureira has confirmed that he’s not directly involved with Darksiders 3, the concepts for all the horsemen were in place before the first Darksiders game even hit, and Fury definitely looks like his sort of art. Madureira was one of the core X-Men artists back in the 1990s, and Fury almost looks like a medieval take on Dark Phoenix. Unlike her brothers War and Death, though, she isn’t 87 percent shoulder and 2 percent head, so good on them for that. It’s good to see the team seems to be honoring his character design, and it sounds like Maduriera may have consulted on that aspect of Darksiders 3 as well.

Darksiders 3 is currently set to release sometime in 2018.