What more is there to be said about Darkest Dungeon? It ran one of the fastest and most successful Kickstarter campaigns. It promoted Steam Early Access far better than Valve ever dreamed possible, and everyone who has played it so far has loved it.

Fans had that little spat about the collecting bodies there for a while, but aside from that, the game has been nothing but a remarkable success… and it hasn’t even been launched yet! Yes, in spite of all its critical acclaim, it’s hard to remember that Darkest Dungeon hasn’t even officially released a full version. Developer Red Hook Studios will change that on Jan. 19 when the final version launches on Steam.

The studio apologized for missing the desired Halloween launch, understandably due to a personal loss with one of its members, but it says “definitely, for real this time” that the game will be hitting this launch date.

I’m pumped! This makes another Kickstarter game I’ll be getting, bringing my grand total to six! However, I think I’ll be holding off for a little while longer. Not that I’m not totally excited to finally play the game, since I don’t really do Early Access, but I really want to play it on my Vita. Darkest Dungeon looks like a nice fit for Sony’s handheld now that it has become my dedicated indie/retro/JRPG device. I hope that release doesn’t take as long because I don’t really mind double dipping.

Darkest Dungeon will release through Steam on Jan. 19. It is also expected to come to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, hopefully before the year is out… maybe… perhaps?