We’ve been fascinated with Darkest Dungeon ever since the announcement trailer knocked us off our feet. Since then, Red Hook Studio’s brutal and mind-melting RPG smashed its Kickstarter campaign and turned out of be just as huge of a success on Steam Early Access. Two years later, we finally have a launch trailer.

Prepare to have your sanity destroyed. Darkest Dungeon launches today on Steam, and its official launch trailer hasn’t lost one step of its power. Whether it’s heart attacks, claustrophobia, or being stabbed in the back by your “ally,” Red Hook’s game is going to penetrate your skull and take pokes at the most sensitive areas of your subconscious.

Seriously, good luck playing this game with the lights off.

I’ve been waiting forever to finally play this game, since I avoid playing unfinished titles, but I might have to wait a bit longer. The free Steam copy I got from backing the campaign is sitting in my library as I write, but I’m holding out for the PS Vita version.

Darkest Dungeon launches today for the PC. It will also launch for the PS Vita and PlayStation 4 on an unspecified date.