One of our most anticipated indie games, and possibly overall games, of 2015 is Darkest Dungeon. The horror RPG puts you in control of a handful of mentally unstable anti-heroes as they crawl through dungeons that would otherwise be best left forgotten.

Developer Red Hook Studios has announced through its official Twitter account that its game will be available on Steam Early Access from Tuesday, Feb. 3.

Darkest Dungeon's Steam page is also up and running for those who want to jump aboard early and get acquainted with that this game has to offer. Early backers will be able to play the game the weekend before everyone else.

We are incredibly excited about the Early Access program. Our strategy has always been to make sure that what we deliver as an Early Access game is super fun and doesn't feel like a "half-made" game.  Although we will be adding tons of new features and content throughout Early Access, what we launch will still deliver many hours of gameplay.  As we get closer, we'll confirm exactly what's in the build.

Darkest Dungeon has also been confirmed for a release on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2015.