Darkest Dungeon

One of our most anticipated games of the year has fallen victim to a viral scam that is ripping off gamers. Red Hook Games has confirmed that a Windows 8 version of its incoming indie hit Darkest Dungeon is a scam and that it was not uploaded by them.

Do not download it!

The fake game is available for $3.99 and clocks in at a mere 2MB, obvious to some to be too cheap and lightweight to be the real game but maybe not to everyone. Red Hook's Co-President Tyler Sigman claims that he is in contact with people at Microsoft in order to get it de-listed

Darkest Dungeon is an indie RPG which shattered Kickstarter last year by crossing its $75,000 goal in under 24 hours, and it eventually pulled in an impressive grand total of $313,337. Fans are highly anticipating its creepy HD art style and its psychological twist on traditional RPG mechanics, and it has shown very well at conventions across the country since then.

The actual game has no official release date just yet, but it will be release in 2015 for the PC, PS Vita and PlayStation 4.