How good are you at one of the most challenging games in recent memory? I remember sinking over 70 hours into my first playthrough of From Software's Dark Souls, and I thought that was pretty decent at the time. However, here is a chap that can do it in under 50 minutes!

Twitch user Kahmul78's world record speed-fun clocks in at 49 minutes and 55 seconds, and you can check out the full run on his account page.

His record falls into the "any percent" category, meaning to qualify for the record, all he must do is reach the end of the game. No need to defeat all the bosses and no reason to collect all of the best items either. Just straight run-through from beginning to end with no glitches or exploits.

Even with the world record, though, Kahmul78 claims that this was not his best run and he plans to improve upon it. A new path discovered by hardcore fans promises to shave off around 35 second of playtime, but after only beating his previous record by 14 seconds, Kahmul78 criticized himself a little harshly.

"That was a really bad run. That was a really bad run. It was so bad."

Seriously dude. That just makes the rest of us lowly mortals feel bad.