The Dark Souls series has sold just over 8.5 million copies, and the PC has been a crucial platform for the property.

A presentation by From Software, reported by Famitsu and relayed via NeoGAF, showed the following:

The original Dark Souls has sold 2,828,000 units worldwide, while Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition has sold 2,765,000 units. According to SteamSpy, about 2 million of those Prepare to Die copies were sold on Steam alone. Of the remaining 800,000, it’s unclear how many sold on Games for Windows Live and how many on PlayStation 3.

Dark Souls II has sold 2,311,000 units worldwide, and its remaster, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, has sold 600,000 units worldwide. The two versions of Dark Souls II collectively sold about 1.2 million copies on PC.

Totaled up, that’s 8,504,000 Dark Souls games sold through, with 3.2 million copies on PC alone – by far the best-selling platform. This is especially interesting considering the series wasn’t originally intended for PC and that it’s had a history of less-than-stellar PC ports.

For a few days before its official unveiling at E3, Bandai Namco wasn’t confirming that Dark Souls III would even get a PC release, but from these numbers it’s clear that was never in question. PC has become a crucial platform for the series and will likely continue to be. We hope that means the team will be able to put more focus on the PC version this time around.