If Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PCs already wasn't hard enough for you, then there is a mod that will certainly push your masochistic tendencies to the brink.

Modder JITD has adjusted the game to new heights of brutality by messing with the title's AI systems. Enemies appear in random places, meaning no more patterns and memorization to levels. Not only do they appear in random places, but they also wander through the map, giving the hero no time to rest and relax if an unseen foe stumbles onto his resting place.

Enemies eyesight has improved to longer distances, making sneaking much more difficult. An endless amount of stamina will let them chase the hero until one of them perishes. NPCs will even follow the hero, meaning he must keep them alive or lose their support during the quest.

Playing the game will never create the same experience twice, and it will force veterans to remain on their toes like they are playing Dark Souls all over again as if it was the first time.

In fact, the only aspects of the enemies which has not been altered are damage they deal, the hit points they can take, or their defense. No artificially inflating stats to make the game more of a tedious grind or plagued with one hit kill bosses. This is a 100 percent change to the core elements of the game, making fans rethink their entire approach to each treacherous location.

YouTube user VaatiVidya has the mod running as well as his own comments and tips on how to play the game. Give it a try at you own risk. It is not compatible with the most recent official version of Dark Souls, so you might have to search for another copy without the updates. If you turn to file sharing, please purchase the game legally before giving the mod a try. It's one of the best games made in the last decade and is worth every penny.