A long-running glitch in the PC version of Dark Souls II is finally getting patched, and digital swords across the land of Majula are thankful for it.

Weapon degradation is an important part of Dark Souls. Managing your weapons, remembering to take care of them, and keeping a backup in your pack are all part of the deal when you’re adventuring in one of these games. You can get a blacksmith to fix them. It’s not a huge pain.

PC users, though, noticed that their weapons were degrading much more quickly than their console counterparts. There’s a logical reason for this, it turns out, but it wasn’t intentional. Dark Souls II was built for consoles – no one’s really disputing that – where the framerate is locked across all versions. Weapon degradation was, apparently, linked to that framerate. The way it’s been described to me is that the weapon degrades each frame it’s inside the enemy. Double the framerate, then, and you double the speed at which weapons degrade.

This sounds like it was probably a shortcut to get the behavior the developer wanted that had unintended consequences when upscaled for PC release.

A Bandai Namco representative told Kotaku that the issue will be fixed on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The developer is still working on the patch and doesn’t have a release date for it quite yet, but it’s finally been acknowledged after a year and a patch is on the way.