The ever hardcore Dark Souls fanbase has raised concerns about the “Poise” statistic which seemingly does… nothing. In previous games, the stat determined how likely a character would stagger or be interrupted when performing an attack.

However, fans are saying that Dark Souls III’s interpretation of the statistic is not working. Tests with late-game characters rocking the most powerful armor and statistic boosting accessories against the weakest enemies still show stagger effects that should not be happening.

Bandai Namco’s response to Kotaku? It’s working as it should.

The poise stat is working as intended and is not ‘turned off’ as some fans have theorized. The stat works differently than in past games and is more situational, which seems to be the reason for the confusion.

According to Kotaku, modders have confirmed there is a way to “turn on” the “Poise” statistic, showing that From Software had originally intended for it to be used like the older games. However, turning it on will get players banned from offline play.

It looks like From Software had different plans and decided to change it up this time around. We’ll wait and see if the fans accept this new decision or pressure the team to change it back.

Dark Souls III is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.