Monsters have been getting bigger and bigger in From Software’s games, and things are coming to a head in Dark Souls III. I don’t know if they can get much bigger than these.

The footage shown at Microsoft’s gamescom conference is definitely gameplay footage, and we get a better look at the world the game is set in as well as those huge monsters. Non-combatant characters seem to be a bigger part of the story this time around, with some kind of cult getting some time in the spotlight. The slightly faster combat is featured as well – the main character isn’t exactly acrobatic, but they look to move around more easily than the previous protagonists in the series.

We get a glimpse of some kind of huge skeleton wearing a crown – just a glimpse, though – as well as some of the other bosses like the Dancer of the Frigid Valley, an armored, undulating creature that crawls on walls and can move around the player with ease.

This looks more like a Dark Souls game than Dark Souls II did, and the monsters we’re seeing already look way more creative. Dark Souls III hits in 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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