Many fans of the the Souls games don’t consider Dark Souls II to be the best the series has to offer, due in part to a lack of involvement from the series director, Hidetaka Miyazaki. Despite that, though, the team working on Dark Souls III isn’t throwing out the ideas the game brought to the table entirely. A report from Game Informer outlines some of what we can expect to see come forward in the upcoming sequel which, unlike Dark Souls II, is being led by Miyazaki.

The ability to respec your character will carry over, giving players more options to experiment if they want. The game will also feature a New Game + more like Dark Souls II than other Souls games. One of the highlights of Dark Souls II was the way NG+ remixed the locations of enemies and items, making the second playthrough a new challenge for players.

Items are getting some changes, too. Weapon durability should feel a bit closer to Dark Souls, and the multiplayer elements, summoning and invading, will no longer be locked behind consumable items.

Check out Game Informer‘s article in the source below for the full details.