Dark Souls III has seven minutes of excellent gameplay footage to show off, and wouldn’t you know it!? It stars my favorite character build. Back-stabbing thieves are the best way to go in the franchise, unless you run into a boss who doesn’t have a back to stab, of course. In that scenario, well, I guess you are just SOL.

Apart from the gameplay, let’s just take a minute to dwell on how gorgeous Dark Souls III is. Since this is straight gameplay footage that looks on par with Bloodborne, I think we can trust that this is what the final product will look like. No more swaps or setbacks in between convention builds like Dark Souls II. The series has never been a technical marvel, but when it comes to artistic decisions and drawing a grassroots story from the setting itself, Dark Souls is simply one of a kind.

The mountain view towards the end is especially unreal! And by that, I mean unbelievable. FromSoftware hasn’t been tempted by the sweet nectar of the Unreal Engine 4 just yet.

Check out the gameplay footage, and I hope your Japanese is up to par to understand the players and broadcasters. Dark Souls III launches on April 12 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.