Everyone’s got a different perspective on collector’s editions. Some people hate them, others find them impossible to resist. Sometimes one hits, though, that ticks all the boxes for a fan of the property.

For Dark Souls III fans, that might be the special edition of Prima Games’ Dark Souls III strategy guide. The special edition, called the Estus Flask Edition, retails for $129.99 and features a hardcover edition of the guide, an electronic copy of the guide, a journal, a metal bookmark made to look like one of the greatswords featured in the game and finally, of course, is the Estus Flask.

For fans of the series, this is a familiar item. A well-timed tug of the Estus Flask has brought countless warriors back from the brink of un-death, while poorly timed drinks have doomed just as many to sit through another You Died screen. This healing item is a crucial part of the series in both gameplay and lore.

It’s not another statue, a cloth map, or artbook. Those things are cool, but we have plenty. This is something you could put in your liquor cabinet or otherwise display without it having to be another action figure, but it’s still a very visible reminder of a beloved game. The flask is made from resin, so I’m not sure it’s safe to drink from. We’ll probably want to wait on filling it with any kind of “healing potions.” Save that for the other kind of flask.

The bookmark, electronic guide, and journal are all nice touches that could, conceivably, be useful for a committed Souls fan, as well.

The guide hits shelves the same day as the game itself, which releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 12.

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