Dark Souls III is available now in Japan, but the rest of the world must wait until April 12 to play along. Well, officially, at any rate. A loophole discovered by gamers of NeoGAF and confirmed by Reddit will allow anybody with an Xbox One to play the game in English today!

Just follow these five simple steps, and you’ll be able to play the game an entire month in advance.

  1. Make an account and register it to Japan.
  2. Purchase Xbox Live funds through Japanese Yen.
  3. Buy the game and register it to a Japanese address. (No! You can’t have mine!)
  4. Change your region to North America or the UK or whatever country you live in.
  5. Download the game, and enjoy it in English.

Not so hard, really. All you need is a legitimate Japanese address, and many are saying that the United States Embassy in Tokyo works just fine. Again, this loophole only works on Xbox Live, so PlayStation 4 and PC owners will have to wait until the actual worldwide release date of April 12.

Now that the word is out, you can bet that Microsoft and Bandai Namco are going to find a way to shut it down and revoke access to your purchase, leaving you with useless money in your new Japanese Xbox Live account. Attempt these steps at your own risk, or just wait for the legitimate release on April 12.

Given the situation, though, I bet Bandai Namco is going to sell a whole lot more Xbox One copies of Dark Souls III in Japan than it has ever imagined possible.