Dark Souls III just looks like such a beautiful game. Here’s hoping that From Software can fully deliver what it’s hyping this time, because I don’t think I can handle the heartbreak twice. I like the art style, the lighting, and the attention to detail. Just about everything in these screenshots is great.

This latest batch is meant to shed a light on online gameplay, with a few official descriptions from the team. Go ahead and read them below:

  • Phantoms – A vague, ghostly image of others player roaming the same place can be seen in your game world.
  • Bloodstains – Various bloodstains will be spread throughout the world. Touching them can show you how another player died and warn you of potential traps.
  • Blood Messages – Players can leave messages on the ground to warn other players of upcoming obstacles. If the message is rated, the HP of the person who wrote the message will increase by half, and the message will remain for years to come.
  • Co-op – Players can summon others by using specific signs on the ground to help combat the tougher areas and bosses.
  • PvP – Players can invade the world of other users as a form of player-versus-player.
  • Being Load of Cinder – Players have lost their power of fire, and can temporarily regain it through “embers.” This will temporarily increase your HP and allow you to summon an ally.

The character portraits show off the Academy Assassin, Herald of White, Northern Warrior, and Wandering Knight character classes. Dark Souls III launches for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in April 2016.