FROM Software’s upcoming Dark Souls III has a release date – at least, in Japan it does.

The third game in Hidetaka Miyazaki’s cult hit Dark Souls series is set to release on consoles this spring – March 24 – in Japan. This is good news for fans in Western territories, though, too. Since the series’ inception, the two territories have never had a single release date, but they’ve never been very far apart. The original Dark Souls‘ U.S. release was just a couple weeks after its Japanese release, while Dark Souls II and Bloodborne actually released in the U.S. before Japan, if only by a couple days.

An official U.S. release date and a release date for the PC version of the game should be following soon.

My bet is that, since games typically release on Tuesdays in the U.S., we’ll see the game on March 22 or, at a stretch, March 29. The Dark Souls series is huge for publisher Bandai Namco, and keeping the release dates close together helps keep hype high and gets the game out in all territories around the same time all the coverage for the game is hitting. It’d be a surprise to see it release as far out as the original.

FROM has also announced that Japanese pre-orders for the game will include a map for the game as well as the soundtrack. If the trend continues, we’ll see a more substantial collector’s edition for the U.S. release.

Either way, the gap won’t be large, so we can look forward to an early spring release for Dark Souls III. Very early. When Dark Souls III does hit, it’ll release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.