You gotta be careful with these Dark Souls demos at Tokyo Game Show. Just two years ago, I played Dark Souls II for the first time in this very room and walked away impressed only to find that the final project saw a major dip in graphical quality when it launched. Apologists disagreed, saying it wasn’t a big deal, but they wouldn’t be singing that tune if it was EA or Ubisoft.

I think From Software has learned its lesson, and that won’t be the case here. Dark Souls III is very much a Dark Souls game, only it finally looks as pretty as Dark Souls II was originally promised to be. The power of the PlayStation 4 can see to that. Pretentious fans can bicker and nitpick about the small differences between games all they want, but deep down, Bloodborne and the Dark Souls ilk are the same game.

Dark Souls III won’t change up much.

10 minutes is hardly enough time to make any solid determinations for any Dark Souls game, but I did notice that this one seemed much easier than the last few. It was the first demo from the series I’ve played where I wasn’t killed… fairly. Dragons dropping hellfire for you standing in the wrong place hardly counts.

The only other major difference I found to the gameplay in that short amount of time was a new stance. Holding down the R2 button allows for an attack stance that causes greater damage. This is different from before where the button simply pulled off a stronger move. A new magic meter also hovers just below the stamina meter, but I didn’t get around to using it.

Beyond that, Dark Souls III is not that different from those that came before it… yet. Right now, it’s a nice facelift that will, in time, reveal its unique personalities more when the main game comes out and people discover it themselves, just like every other game.

I’m on board, always willing to be in a forgiving mood, and Bloodborne made up for my disappointment in Dark Souls II. My apprehension hasn’t totally faded yet, but I suspect you already know if you want this or not.

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