I won’t keep you too long writing up this article since the videos do most of the talking for themselves. Dark Souls III is currently running through beta mode, and we now have nearly two hours of footage to look over and drool as we wait for next spring.

I’ve already had a chance to play it at Tokyo Game Show 2015, and I walked away excited, thinking that it would wind up a much better and less polarizing game than Dark Souls II. After seeing this new footage, I still think so. The graphics are sharper without the older consoles holding it back, the level design is more true to the first Dark Souls, and most importantly, it’s going to challenge you from beginning to end.

Fair challenge, not over-the-top difficulty. That’s just the marketing talking.

Dark Souls III will launch in April 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the rest of the footage below

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