Haven’t been killed enough in Dark Souls II yet? Well, FromSoftware understands your pain and wants to give you more of it… for a price, of course.

Publisher Bandai Namco has just announced three new DLC packages for the hit action RPG, each one of them assuredly more difficult than the last. All of them will task your hero with seeking the crown of a deceased king.

Crown of the Sunken King will have him plunge into the deep depths of a boat or an ancient cave it looks like, and it will be available on July 22 or 23 depending on if you have the Xbox 360 and PC, or PS3 version.

Crown of the Old Iron King has the hero rising up through a flaming tower covered in black mist. Sounds a lot like smoke to me, though. This will be available on August 26 or 27.

And finally, Crown of the Ivory King will take your hero far into the northern ice capped regions as he digs around in the snow. This will be available on September 23 or 24.

Each crown once belonged to King Vendrick and ties to the storyline directly. Besides these legendary items, each DLC package will also provide new enemies, new boss encounters, new chances to get killed, and obviously, new areas to explore. Have you let Dark Souls II beat the tar out of you enough, yet?

No prices have been announced for the DLC, so we’ll have to wait until closer to the release dates for more information.