Dark Souls II is nearly upon us, and it is hungry for the chance to beat us into submission time and time again. The action RPG series has gained a massive cult following over the past several years from people who simply enjoy the brutality of it all. FromSoftware’s dedication to bringing out quality and uncompromising games that refuse to play by industry trends makes Dark Souls the most exciting series on the high-end market.

Bandai Namco is making one more push to convince gamers to jump aboard, and what better way to scare them off than with the creepy old lady in its new prologue trailer? Her narrative might not sync up with her lip movements, but I’m busy being too haunted by her eyes to notice.

I almost forgot how utterly terrifying the universe FromSoftware has built for this series is, and it doesn’t look like it will be holding back anything for this latest game. Haunting images emerge from every frame and creepy narration just drives home the sense of dread you feel playing these games.

It’s far more effective than the last ridiculous trailer Bandai Namco released. I think that one killed a few of my brain cells.

Dark Souls II will be released next week on March 11 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC version has been confirmed for release on April 25, and aside from the swag from the Limited Edition, the game also supports 60 FPS at four times to console versions’ resolutions.

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