Bandai Namco has a new and really weird trailer for Dark Souls II, and I’m not quite sure of what to make of it. Does it know who it is even targeting with this ad?

Cheesy and eerie Hollywood-esque music plays in the background while a monotone tough guy reads off generic motivational lines that skim across the surface of being inspirational. All the while, it backdrops a montage using not only footage from Dark Souls II, but even scenes from the first Dark Souls, hinting at some possible continuity from the first game, or just simply splicing in any footage it could find.

Is this supposed to feel motivational? Is it supposed to inspire me to go on? I don’t particularly feel pumped after this video, I’m more confused because it’s just babble more than anything else, the most generic speech in the history of motivational speeches.

Dark Souls II does star characters who die over and over and over, and they even struggle to continue pressing on in death. Learn from your mistake, try again, keep playing, never give up, do what you never thought was possible… maybe, I dunno.

The trailer’s title Hollow Lullaby fits quite nicely.

At least the game looks great, and I can’t wait to put a flaming ax into the hide of that ferocious dragon. I always build a sneaking backstabber though, so I doubt a monster that big is going to have even have a weak spot let alone make it vulnerable.

Dark Souls II will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11.

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