"Twitch Plays" has finally met its match. After accomplishing amazing feats like capturing Zapdos with a Master Ball in Pokémon and sneaking through Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel on Game Boy Color, one of the decade's most popular and challenging games has proven to be a little too much for the community.

Dark Souls. Naturally, one would think that this trench run of slaughter would be too much for the collective community to tackle, but we've seen it unite and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds before. However, after three straight days of gameplay, the created character still finds itself stuck in the Undead Asylum, aka, the very first section of the game and making zero progress very quickly.

So far, it has struggled with even the most mundane actions like climbing a ladder and escaping from a puddle, leaving extreme doubt that it will ever be able to take down a boss that requires the utmost precision. And those pitfalls in Undead Berg. I dread to think if that ever comes to be.

The character currently finds itself without a starting weapon, having broken it against a wall, and even low-level zombie creatures have proven to be a monstrous hurdle.

For those who don't know, "Twitch Plays" is a collective gaming experiment in which tens of thousands of players control a single character at once, voting for the next action in the chat box. Some wish to beat the game, others wish to hinder them.

It all usually winds up well and done, but it seems the naysayers will be taking this episode.