Dark Souls III‘s final DLC pack, “The Ringed City,” brings the series to a close after a decade of being at the forefront of gaming. Emotions are mixed, fans are feeling withdrawals, but as for series creator and FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki, he seems rather level headed about this moment in gaming history.

Dark Souls, the series which taught us that “pain is good” all over again, has been labeled as “satisfactory” by him in an interview with Famitsu. He reiterated his stance on not having anything else planned for the series at this point in time but then delved into his own feelings about it coming to a close.

I can’t say I did everything. Like all the games I’ve directed, each Dark Souls title from the series has their own issues and failures. However, even with that premise, I believe that the Dark Souls series was satisfactory.

And that’s it. “Satisfactory” is all we get for a series that changed the landscape of action titles for at least a decade, maybe even two if its influence can carry onwards.

Miyazaki is still hinting at future projects

With Dark Souls in the bag, Hidetaka Miyazaki can finally start to focus on something else without fans clamoring him for more. He’s already teased several new projects since the release of Dark Souls III, and this interview gives his longest comments to date on the issue of “what’s next?”

I’m already working on several, so if I say what they are it would be a bit of a spoiler. One thing I can say is that nothing has changed for us when it comes to our stance on game production. While working on a new game, we’re not being conscious about making something that is similar to Dark Souls, and on the other hand, we’re not being conscious about making something that isn’t similar to Dark Souls. Without any worries about whether it is or isn’t similar to the Dark Souls series, I want to make something now, and I plan on making a game that’s fun and worthwhile.

We all agree that FromSoftware should turn to Dead Space for inspiration next, see if they can find some soul left it that series’ hollowed out shell. That’d be pretty sweet.

Dark Souls III’s final DLC, “The Ringed City,” is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.