From Software President and Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed that he is done with the franchise that made him a household name among gamers. Citing a desire to move on and create a more varied library for his company, Miyazaki stated at a recent Bandai Namco meeting that, “For me, Dark Souls III is the end.”

But that doesn’t mean the end for Dark Souls. If someone other than myself, like another staff member, wants to make a Dark Souls, then I don’t want to deny others from making future installments.

Speaking with Kotaku, Miyazaki claims that he does not feel he can bring anything else new to Dark Souls. His comments match those he made in April when he first signaled a desire to move on. Instead, his company is currently working on three new games, one of which Miyazaki describes as “a little weird.”

The game is weird. But we are diligently making it in all seriousness, so I just want people to know that when they think it’s strange.

And, of course, one of the others From Software is working on is a new entry in the Armored Core franchise, as Miyazaki reconfirmed with Kotaku.

We are making a new Armored Core. We are still in the early stages of development.

I know a lot of Dark Souls fans and, most of all, Bandai Namco aren’t happy with this decision, but I too felt that From Software had began leaning too much on the series. Before Demon’s Souls, From Software offered a huge variety of action games, stealth games, and RPGs, all from a library that makes its recent focus on Dark Souls seem even more single-minded.

Granted, most of From Software’s games before Demon’s Souls weren’t particularly good, but with the leaps in quality it has made over the last decade, surely it will be able to carry those advances into new IPs and original ideas.

In the meantime, the next wave of Dark Souls III DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, will launch on Oct. 25 and be the last we see of the series for quite some time. Check out the trailer below.