Dark Souls

Japan has yet another wonderful video game themed cafe opening up within its borders. As if Dragon Quest wasn't already enough, Oz Cafe in Tokyo will be collaborating with FromSoftware and Namco Bandai to open a Dark Souls cafe. How exactly it plans to theme it after the dark fantasy game hasn't been revealed yet, but hopefully the food will not mercilessly kill you.

Ordering options include Successors of the Sun, a pasta with golden tomatoes and bacon, or Butcher's Sliced Vegetables. Estas flasks, the life refilling potions from the game, are available to purchase, as well as a drink called Soul Speak and Fireball.

The cafe opens on Jan. 6 in Tokyo, and FromSoftware plans to expand on it when Dark Souls II is released in March. Tempting, but ultimately not worth the train ticket to Tokyo. I'd be down if it had actual fire pits, but if the Estas tastes anything like a can of Final Fantasy Elixir, it would be one disappointing trip. Eww…