Dark Souls 3 is set to be announced by Bandai Namco at E3 2015, at least according to one rumor source.

VG247 has it from “a source familiar with the matter” that Dark Souls 3 is coming with Director Hidetaka Miyazaki at the helm. They offer that the game will likely be announced during Sony’s presentation, but there’s nothing concrete there.

They don’t discuss the developer, either. That’s an interesting facet of this issue, because From Software is now a subsidiary of Kadokawa Games. Kadokawa publishes their own titles, so it’s entirely possible that Bandai Namco might be collaborating with them on this.

Now, we’d normally write these rumors off until more news comes, but we can confirm that Bandai Namco will have an unannounced AAA title at E3. We have an appointment to see it. Recently, that appointment was bumped from 30 minutes to an hour with the promise of a Q&A with the game’s Director. This would indeed make sense if the big game was Dark Souls 3 and the Director was Hidetaka Miyazaki. Dark Souls is likely the biggest thing Bandai Namco has going right now, so I could absolutely see them asking for an hour of our time during the show.

We reached out to our Bandai Namco contact for clarification on this rumor. If it comes, we’ll update the story. Stay tuned.