Up until now we’ve simply seen Matt Murdock in a kind of early makeshift vigilante costume, something hastily thrown together with some leftover clothes. But, on the eve of Daredevil’s arrival this Friday, Marvel has generously unveiled the superhero’s iconic red costume, and it looks amazing.

Murdock looks tough, unstoppable, and just a little bit wacky—but in a good way. It’s enough to hold us over until the show hits Netflix on Friday.

There have already been several reviews of Marvel’s new show, and by all accounts it’s a terrific entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All 13 episodes will be made available at once, which means you’ll have the opportunity to binge your face off this weekend. I know a lot of us on the staff are anxiously awaiting to see Murdock bring down some swift justice on Kingpin.

Check the above video out. It’s awesome how Marvel shows Murdock transition from his day job as a lawyer to a rebel at night. And in case you haven’t quite been keeping up with all over our Daredevil coverage, you can see some of those links down below.