Marvel on Thursday shared a new image of Matt Murdock’s redesigned Daredevil suit, which features much more black this time around. We actually caught a glimpse of the new outfit last week when Marvel posted a photo to Twitter, but today’s image is a much more detailed look at how the suit has changed. (If you look closely, the middle portion almost looks like a smiley face.)

Compared to Murdock’s suit at the end of season one, the new design has a much stealthier look, which fits in well with the Daredevil character. It’s great how the look of Murdock’s black ninja suit was merged with the red Daredevil outfit he wore at the conclusion of last season. We had no complaints about the all-red suit, but the black and red just works.

Marvel didn’t attach any caption with the photo, so we’re left to speculate about why the change was made and when the show will air on Netflix early next year. What we do know, however, is that The Punisher will appear in season 2, adding a completely new dynamic to Murdock’s “Never Kill” mantra.

In addition to the new photo above, also check out a leaked photo that appears to reveal the new Daredevil design in its entirety.