For better or worse, the holidays are here. That means you have to start looking for possible gifts ideas to give to all of those distant relatives that will make their way to your home. Sounds appealing right? Actually, not really, which is why here at TechnoBuffalo, we like to put some gift guides together to make your life a little easier during this time.

Each of the staff writers creates a list, and now you are reading mine. I titled mine “A little bit of everything” because I included everything. From gaming, to cameras, to smartphones; if it’s tech related, then it is on my list.

We broke our list down into sections from the uber affordable ($50) to money is not an object items that is mostly a reason for us to daydream about gadgets that we will never be able to afford. But maybe if we win the lotto some day, it may be possible to buy. Without further ado, here is my gift guide for 2017—I hope you find it useful.

Gifts Under $50

OnePlus Bullets V2 Earphones

The headphone jack is on its way out, but it is still alive for a while longer. And the best pair of earphones you can buy at the best price right now are the OnePlus Bullets V2 earphones. OnePlus may not be known for making earphones, but this pair offers fantastic sound with a comfortable fit thanks to the in-ear design. Made of aluminum, the earphones sport a premium design while the controls work with both Android and iOS devices that will make adjusting volume or pausing music easy. 

Google Home Mini 

Starting off your smarthome solution has never been easier or cheaper with Google Home Mini. Google has dropped the price of the Google Home Mini down to $29.99 through the end of the year, making it one of the hottest gift ideas of 2017. You can access Google Assistant and ask it any question you want answered as well as use it as a speaker. 

And if down the line you add a Google Home or Google Home Max to your collection, it will also work concurrently with those to play music in separate rooms. This is a very useful trick that makes the Google Home Mini that much more appealing.

Gifts Under $100

UE WonderBoom

Finding the best Bluetooth speaker to gift is a tall task to ask. UE makes one of the best options with the Wonder Boom. It is a waterproof speaker that not only offers great sound, but it also offers a 10-hour battery life and a sleek design. You can also customize the sound with the UE app that is available for both iOS and Android. 

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Samsung Convertible Fast Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is here to stay now that even the new iPhones support it. There are many worthy options out there, but best charger around is Samsung’s Convertible Wireless Fast Charger. It’s not only a charging pad, but it also can transform into a stand and is the best-looking wireless charger you can buy right now.

The pad itself is a soft-touch material that offers the right amount of grip so your phone isn’t accidentally knocked off. It will charge any device that supports the Qi wireless charging standard, including the iPhone X, iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and many more.

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Gifts Under $250

New Nintendo 2DS XL

With the Switch around, the buzz around the New Nintendo 2DS XL has died off, but that doesn’t diminish its value. You have access to a long list of games that includes the Virtual Console (which the Switch is missing) as well as newer titles like Metroid: Samus Returns that will occupy your time for the foreseeable future. At only $149.99, it makes a fantastic gift idea for the gamer of your family.

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PS4 Slim

An old standby, you can never go wrong with the PlayStation 4. It has the best game line-up out of any of the major consoles. It is also available at its cheapest price ever—you can find it as low as $200. During the holiday season, you can also find it as a bundle with one of the marquee games that was recently released, making it an even better value.

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Gifts Under $500

Essential Phone 

At launch the Essential Phone retailed for $700 and failed miserably. Such a shame for a fantastic device, but you can justify some of its shortcomings when it is going up against the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8. But now that its price has been cut to $449, it instantly jumps to the top of best devices to gift. It has a gorgeous edge to edge display that takes full advantage of the stock Android experience.

You’ll have access to the mods that add functionality to the Essential Phone. Something that truly separates the Essential Phone from other devices is its ceramic back that looks glossy like glass but is infinitely more durable. This makes the device feel substantial and premium in the hand. 

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Gifts Unde $2,000

Boosted Board Dual+

At this price point, you have your fair share of items that you can buy, but why go with an expensive laptop when you can go with a really cool electric skateboard. That’s our thought exactly, so we included the Boosted Board Dual+ model. First popularized by blogger Casey Neistat, the Boosted Board is now synonymous with traffic-beating commuting.

The Dual+ version, coming in at $1,499, with the Extended Battery will get you a 12-mile range at a top speed of 7 miles per hour. That should make getting around a breeze. It is not only convenient, it is also crazy fun. Its zero-lag electric motors revs up in mere seconds that has your cruising around without a care in the world.

Money Is No Object

A7R III with Lens Kit

If money is no object for you, buy somebody a A7R III with a 24-70mm G Lens. Sony is at the top of its game camera-wise – we should know, we shoot our videos on two A7S II models. The A7R III is its latest and greatest camera that takes amazing videos as well as taking some sweet stills. The 42.4MP sensor takes crisp 4K HDR video at 60fps.

Some of the major additions Sony added include continuous shooting at 10fps, eye detection, and tracking, and 5-axis optical in-body image stabilization as well as dual SD card slots to make sure you have enough room to capture stunning content. This camera makes a fantastic gift if you have this type of money burning a hole in your pocket.

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