Dan Houser, vice president of creative for Rockstar Games, has spoken out against movies made from games, games made from movies and the general cash-grab these properties tend to be. Hollywood Reporter spoke with Houser in connection to Rockstar's upcoming presence at the Tribeca Film Festival, so the topic of discussion justifiably revolved around comparing games to film.

No one has done it very successfully yet. Virtually all movies made from games are awful, while many games made from movies are also pretty horrible…

If you feel the property has something about it that is universal or could work in another medium, and it is not simply about making easy money, then that is something worthwhile. Too often, however, the aim appears to be to cash-in on the success of a particular game, book, pop singer, website, etc., and that usually produces mediocre results…

We have explored a lot of movie deals, but we have just chosen not to make a movie…If we were to attempt to make a movie, we would like to make it ourselves, or at least work in collaboration with the best talent, so at least if it is bad, we can know we failed on our own terms. … We may make movies one day, with the right property and the right partnership, but we have not found the time to do that yet.

In other news, the Earth is round and the sun rises in the east. Saying that movies based on games are typically terrible is far from an original topic. But, coming from Rockstar, this quote is timely.

The company, along with developer Team Bondi, was selected to present their upcoming detective game L.A. Noire at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival. In effect, Rockstar is almost saying that game based movies are pointless, but games created with a strong narrative presence can be great. And that's definitely the hope for Rockstar, Team Bondi and L.A. Noire.

By writing this story here on TechnoBuffalo, I've found myself wondering what you lot think about movies based on games. There's no denying that the genre has a bad wrap and a tendency towards poor quality, but are movies based on games something you still get excited about?

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