Editor’s note: We received an email from a PR rep working with Microsoft regarding this piece. We were off on two major points about Dark Dreams Don’t Die. We’ve left our original assertions and the corrections below. Apologies for this, readers. It boiled down to too much going on during the insanity that is E3. -Joey

Kinect might be seeing some high profile desertions, Bungie’s Destiny for example, but one game that won’t be going anywhere is the anime influenced martial arts murder mystery, D4, now officially known as D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die.

 Original: The Kinect is built directly into the game and can’t function without it.

Update #1: “D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die” will support Kinect features, however the use of Kinect is not needed to play.

Original: And yet, Microsoft didn’t show it of during its E3 Xbox One presentation.

Update #2: “D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die” can be seen on the E3 show floor at the Microsoft booth.

The exclusion makes me wonder if it is beyond redemption at this point and was just skipped over for poor quality. Deadly Premonition Writer Director Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro is known for his love of bad games, so I’m not so sure if he lived up the standards Microsoft is looking for with the Xbox One.

A new batch of screenshots don’t show what one would exactly call a “pretty” game. It has a unique sense of style, but the crude anime and fist-punching action from the first trailer last year is something Microsoft does not want to use to sully the Kinect brand with right now, I guess.

Still, it might be a cult classic somewhere down the line, just like Deadly Premonition.

Editor’s note: As a second note from me, we were unable to land an appointment with Microsoft this week. We’ll try to swing by the booth, but our schedule doesn’t really allow for waiting too much. -Joey