D4 (6)

I wouldn't blame you for being wary of picking up D4; Dark Dreams Don't Die at full price. This oddball adventure game is really far removed from the normal first-person shooters and massive RPGs we've seen on the Xbox One, and director Hidetaka "SWERY" Suehiro doesn't exactly enjoy the best reputation throughout the gaming world. His previous generation cult-hit Deadly Premonition is polarizing at best and hated at worst.

Still, this week sees the game drop a full 33 percent through the Deals with Gold offerings on Xbox One, making it cheaper than ever to see exactly what the heck it's all about. Xbox Gold subscribers should take up this offer; because it seems to me that this is a future cult hit you are going to wish you had played when it was still relevant.

It's also the kind of game you really only feel justified in buying at a discounted price. High in risk, but possibly high in rewards. It's best to lower those risks every chance you get.

The other games available this week are far "safer" option with Thief, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and a whole helping of Sonic the Hedgehog games to choose from. Skip those and finally see why the world is questioning SWERY's sanity in D4. It'll definitely be one of the first purchases I make whenever I snag an Xbox One.