While every other team member in the upcoming Justice League film either has a movie on the books or coming, we haven’t heard a peep about the movie centering around the team’s least-known member, Cyborg. At least not until now.

Star Ray Fisher has confirmed that not only is the movie still on, it’s on course for a 2020 release. That’s still two-and-a-half years out, but it’s still good to hear. This is the same date DC and Warner Brothers set years ago, but the DCEU has gone through a whole host of changes since then.

One hurdle after another

Man of Steel and Batman v Superman both did well-enough financially, but performed poorly with critics and fans, having been panned as being too dark for the characters they’re supposed to show off.

Meanwhile, The Flash has fired, lost, and been passed on by some truly great directors without one confirmed and is reported to be undergoing a rewrite.

The Justice League movie we’re getting was originally meant to be two films, but it’s now one. Actor Billy Crudup, who plays Flash’s father in Justice League and was set to play him in The Flash has walked away from the part, requiring either reshoots or re-writes.

Ben Affleck played a fine Dark Knight in Batman v Superman, but he might have lost interest in the role already. He’s not directing it anymore, the movie is being rewritten,

Suicide Squad was a fun but deeply-flawed movie that apparently was a victim of reshoots and re-edits after the movie had been finished.

So far, only Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Justice League really have managed to generate positive buzz. Wonder Woman hits on June 2, while Justice League is scheduled for November 17. With Snyder stepping away to be with his family, that date could change – though Warner Bros. has said it won’t. That Aquaman film is set for 2018, while Flash‘s future is up in the air.