Gamescom 2018 is underway over on Cologne, Germany. For many gamers, though, it might as well be Gamescom 2077, because CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is all we care about. CD Projekt Red is being understandably careful about showing off the game ahead of time – more on that in a moment – but they’re still trickling out new information here and there to keep us going. Check out these four screenshots, fresh off the game’s official Twitter:

CD Projekt Red explicitly calls these screenshots, not concept art. I can definitely confirm the shot of the main character, V, holding her gun to the chin of the guy with the freaky cyber-eyes is from the demo they showed off at E3 this year, and I believe the shot of Jacky, V’s street samurai buddy, is from that demo as well. The other shots are more mood shots but they jive with what we saw as “in engine” at the show.

The game is looking really impressive, but I’m glad CDPR is being careful about what it shows off. With The Witcher 3, the team revealed this absolutely incredible-looking vertical slice that showed off all kinds of visual effects. When the team went to build an open world filled with those, they found that to be totally unfeasible. The game came out as one of the best-looking games at the time – and still one of the best-looking games three years later – but it was accused of being downgraded, as if CD Projekt Red had lied rather than just overshot.

These shots seem to be making fewer promises about gameplay, and it’ll be harder to recreate them 1:1 in the game for us to compare between the final product and the in-development game.

We can likely expect more from CDPR as the Gamescom 2018 show goes on. They have at least one live appearance scheduled, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see some gameplay finally revealed to the public during that event.

For now, though, those screenshots have us super stoked for Cyberpunk 2077. For more of our coverage on Cyberpunk 2077, check out our E3 eyes-on preview.