The world of video games is a simple one. There are games out there, and you want to buy them. Black Friday or Cyber Monday rolls around, and if a game you want is on sale for much less than the $59.99 asking price, you buy it because you won’t find it cheaper until the next sale.

Which might be two weeks away these days, but who’s counting?

Normally, I load up on cheap $3 and $5 classics from the PlayStation Store this time of year, but I think I finally own every single PSOne Classic release I’ll ever need at this point. Instead, this Cyber Monday, I did something I haven’t done in quite a while… I bought some modern video games that weren’t work related!

I know, Ron, who is stuck in this retro funk and wishing it was still the late 90s, decided to time warp into 2016 and play some games that have been getting major buzz as Game of the Year contenders. Both of these games were released earlier in the year as well, meaning they were both discounted heavily this weekend, and they’ve been able to carry their buzz deep enough into the year to still remain relevant.

I’m of course talking about Overwatch, which stole 2016 as one of the most discussed video games of the year. Blizzard has done a fabulous job keeping it in our faces all this time.

My other big score of the week wasn’t a JRPG like you might expect, but rather, another first-person shooter! I know, what’s wrong with me, right? Is this Ron or an alien writing? I’m glad I bought these games on sale because I don’t know how much I’ll actually be playing them beyond a match or two. Losing myself to multiplayer games has never been my style, but with how good these games supposedly are, you never know.


Actually, the second game I picked up was DOOM, and I proudly did so for the single player campaign. Believe it or not, even during the height of my JRPG days, I was a pretty big DOOM-head. It is the only game I learned how to both speed-run and fully complete from memory. Plenty of hours were sunk into the PC classic, and it’s still a strange outlier next to the likes of Chrono Trigger and Super Mario World on my all-time favorites list.

When I heard that id Software was able to capture the spirit of the original’s layout in this new game, I had to try it. True, DOOM has always been first-and-foremost about the shooting, but the glue that holds it together is the level design, expertly placing secrets and switches to make its levels far more complicated than they otherwise would be.

Will I play this as much as the original DOOM? Not while Final Fantasy XV is in the world, but I was happy to finally pick up this game so I can see if the inner DOOM child still lurks underneath all of this JRPG fluff.

Retail price of both games: $119.98. What did I pay? $49.67 after their sales and Sony’s 10 percent discount. Not bad, I think.

What video games did you pick up this holiday weekend?