If you’re Internet connection is running a tad slow today, blame the people who are trying to shop from work.  The National Retail Federation estimates that 90 percent of online stores are running some form of specials today, and 54 percent of people will do at least some shopping this year from work.

In other words, Cyber Monday has grown into its own.

Five years ago Shop.org coined the phrase “Cyber Monday” to represent the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States.  While the better known “Black Friday” has been around for years as the day after the holiday, experts began to notice that the following Monday saw lots of people going online to do their shopping for items they missed out on.  As humans are want to label things, the name Cyber Monday came about, and it leads to one of the heaviest traffic days of the year for the Internet.

Cyber Monday dealsConsidering the number of deals out there, compiling them is a nightmare, but there are a few sites that can help you out.

Amazon: While it’s just one retailer, due to the diversity of products, it almost feels like multiple stores.  You can find all of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals on one handy page.

BFAds.net: Best known for being one of the leading Black Friday sites, they also compile together numbers Cyber Monday ads.

CyberMonday.com: Run by the afore mentioned Shop.org, the site brings together offers from over 700 different retailers.

Walmart: Hey, why limit yourself to Cyber Monday when you can have a Cyber Week?  Apparently Walmart will be having specials through out the entire week.

Of course, check out your favorite retailers for the best odds of finding what you really want, but it sounds like just about everyone will be having some sort of deal this year.

Have you found any truly spectacular deals you would care to share with everyone else?

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