CyanogenMod's Steve Kondik announced over the weekend that the custom Android ROM has been installed on over 10 million devices around the world. The statistics are collected through users that voluntarily report their usage through the built-in CMStats feature; the data obviously doesn't take into account those who opt out of CMStats, so the number of installs can certainly be higher.

For being such a young company, 10 million installs definitely isn't bad. And now that CyanogenMod is attempting to go mainstream, 2014 could wind up being a big year.

According to the official stats, devices "that have not checked in within the last 90 days are periodically removed from the database," meaning a lot of these installs are likely active as we speak. Many of Samsung's devices dominate the statistics—Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III—while CM 10.1 nightlies and CM 10.2 nightlies are among the most popular versions of CyanogenMod. Many of the devices on the list are older and have been forgotten by Google and their manufacturers, but not by CyanogenMod.

CyanogenMod has a bright future ahead, with the Oppo N1 set to launch in a few days and other frontiers to explore. Additionally, the company has set its sights on pushing out versions based on KitKat to its faithful fanbase, with the latest Nexus devices (among others) already benefitting from CyanogenMod's work.