CyanogenMod recently rolled out a new “nightly” update for the OnePlus One that promised to fix a common multi-touch issue, but the release has already been pulled. Those who installed it experienced excessive battery drain even while the device was asleep.

Because this was a nightly release — not an official over-the-air update from OnePlus — only a small number of One owners will have installed it. Nevertheless, it’s disappointing news for those who were planning to apply the update manually for its touchscreen fix — and those who now have to downgrade to an earlier release to save their battery life.

It’s thought the issue is related to new touchscreen firmware from Synaptics, which is causing battery drain even while the One isn’t in use. Of course, Cyanogen is working with Synaptics to fix the problem, so there will be a replacement update — but it’s unclear right now when that might be available.

For now, however, it’s best not to upgrade to this CyanogenMod nightly — even if you can find it elsewhere. While the touchscreen fix may be nice if you’re having multi-touch problems, it’s no good if your One can no longer last a full day in between charges.