Yesterday, multiple reports surfaced claiming Cyanogen Inc. (the company spun out of the popular CyanogenMod Android ROM) was facing layoffs and planned to pivot to apps. Now Cyanogen creator Steve Kondik has responded in a statement shooting down the "circus of misinformation" that recently sprung up.

The short version of Kondik's blog post is pretty simple: CyanogenMod isn't going away and neither is Cyanogen Inc. He also said the company isn't pivoting to apps However, Kondik never denies the layoffs, which reportedly affected roughly 30 people at the company (about 20 percent of the total staff).

Kondik also fails to mention Cyanogen OS, a separate Android-based operating system designed to ship on new smartphones and compete directly with Google. "We had a few successes at the Inc, but also our share of stuff which just didn't work at all," he said, adding, "You find out what works and what doesn't work, and go towards the things which work."

That doesn't exactly inspire confidence and we still wouldn't worry about CyanogenMod. The ROM exists independently from Cyanogen Inc., even if the two are closely connected.