Cyanogen already offers customization options beyond anything stock Android can do, but a new app from the company promises to take smartphone personalization to a whole new level. “Themes” is a new app for Cyanogen OS announced on Monday, which lets you tweak every single thing about your operating system. In short, it looks pretty awesome.

Themes actually reminds us of the Theme Store, which let you choose from a list of free and paid themes or mix and match different styles with the OnePlus One. Now, it looks like Cyanogen is bringing that same feature to even more devices. That means you’ll be able to tweak the font, color, icon style, status bar and more on any phone or tablet running Cyanogen OS.

The company doesn’t offer any specifics on when Themes will be available, though it’s possible the new app could launch in time to ship with the first batch of Cyanogen-powered smartphones from Micromax. There’s also no word on how pricing will work; we’re guessing Themes itself will be free, while some themes could cost a buck or two (or more).

We can’t wait to try out Themes for ourselves, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for any more news from Cyanogen.