Cyanogen likes to say that it wants to take control of Android away from Google. A key part of its strategy involves offering a totally open platform for third-party developers, and it looks like the ROM-maker is closing in on that promise.

Spotted by Android Police, a new Google+ page for "Cyanogen Platform SDK" suggests the company is almost ready to throw open its doors. There are also pages on GitHub and Cyanogen's own site where developers can follow along.

For now, the only API included in Cyanogen's new SDK focuses on "Quick Settings Tiles." We're guessing that means third-party apps will be able to integrate their own widgets into your drop-down settings menu. That could be pretty useful, though we're still just getting started.

Down the line developers may also be able to add gesture controls to their own apps like the ones that let you control Cyanogen's software even when the screen is off. The firm has also hinted at even deeper integration, potentially giving companies like Yahoo and Spotify complete access to the platform.

The process of opening up Cyanogen could take a while, especially since each app will likely need to add support for each new API. But hopefully it won't be too long before we see companies start to take advantage of the new SDK.