One of the best new features of Cyanogen OS 12 is its more powerful App Themer, which the company officially detailed last month. We tested this feature out in our latest OnePlus One video, but in case you needed even more convincing that this new feature is awesome, Cyanogen made a video showing users how it works. App Themer is going to become your new best friend.

Cyanogen’s improved App Themer essentially allows users to apply themes on a per application level. Want to change your dialer? Apply a specific theme there. Want to change your settings? You can make it look however you want. Applying a theme is super easy, too; just tap on the App Themer icon, and you can go through the Cyanogen UI to change it to your liking.

The video above does a great job of demonstrating the feature, which I’m surprised wasn’t available sooner. As Mark said in his Cyanogen OS 12 and OxygenOS comparison, the App Themer is a standout feature in Cyanogen, and a great tool for OnePlus One users.