Over the last few years, the CW has been growing its stable of DC shows and reminding us of that with a big, juicy crossover right around mid-season. The crossover is happening again this year, but the network is mixing things up to properly include all four superhero shows and make the event a bit easier to digest.

Last year, the event included Supergirl, but really started on Tuesday with The Flash. It went through Thursday, running through Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This year, Supergirl will kick off the event, which will include all four shows. Instead of going across the whole week, though, the network is shifting things around and turning it into a two-night affair, with two episodes each night.

Shifting Shows

The show will start on Monday with Supergirl and Arrow, and finish on Tuesday with The Flash and Legends of TomorrowArrow is still moving to Thursdays this year, though – this Monday-night airing is a one-time thing.

As Birth Movies Death notes, we’re basically getting a pair of TV-sized Justice League flicks, just days after the big one hits theaters. Except these will have brighter colors and characters who are physically capable of smiling.

The event begins on November 27 and continues through to November 28 on The CW, this fall.