The launch of Google’s Pixel 2 hasn’t been without controversy, and the latest incident is just adding to the chorus of complaints. After shipping a damaged unit to a customer, the company has sent a device that doesn’t even have an operating system. And this has apparently happened more than once.

A number of reports on Reddit claim they received Google’s flagship with no OS, essentially leaving customers with an expensive paper weight. The picture above shows what buyers were greeted with.

Lewey52 on Reddit said:

Mine came with no OS too!!! I couldn’t even boot into recovery! Just got it today, was pretty excited (despite the display issues). Then, “No valid OS.”

It’s not surprising to hear of a device shipping with a few small defects, like chipped paint or a hairline scratch on the screen. But receiving a device without an operating system is pretty outrageous.

Google has allegedly remedied the situation by issuing replacements, but it’s still unclear how these units slipped through quality control.

With all the controversy surrounding the Pixel 2 XL’s display, Google can’t afford to keep messing up. These issues may seem isolated and inconsequential on their own. But when incidents keep piling up, consumers may perceive Google’s products as inferior to the competition.

Hopefully, the search giant can put an end to these issues, especially as we barrel toward the holiday period.