We used the Moto Maker to customize our Motorola Moto X last week. We brought you our coverage on the process, and now we’re here to report back on how smoothly everything went. We have some good news, though not everything was perfect.

First, the phone arrived on time. It shipped on Friday and arrived today, Monday, exactly four days after we designed it – that’s the time frame Motorola promises. The shipment came from Fort Worth, Texas, so it was really assembled here in the U.S. We chose a lemon-lime color and red accents. Overall, we’re generally pleased with how the phone looks but we were kind of hoping it had more of a neon tint to it. That’s the problem with Moto Maker in some respects: the color could vary from the hue you see on your monitor.

Also, even though we logged-in with Google so that the phone would arrive with all of our stuff setup, it didn’t ship that way. As you’ll see in the video, the Moto X arrived without any Google account logged in. It’s not a terrible deal, but that was kind of something we were looking forward to.

The body of the phone looks to be in perfect shape, as expected, and we’re really excited to take this device out in public and tell the story. Word of mouth in regards to the customization, which will be an AT&T exclusive at first, could really help Motorola out here. Let us know what color you’re planning to pick.

Update: Motorola told TechnoBuffalo the issue with our Google Account was likely because the unit was sent by AT&T with a test SIM card. It said units shipped to customers should have their Google accounts ready to go out of the box.