Samsung unveiled its first curved OLED TV today at a press event alongside a new Ultra HD TV. The South Korean company was proud to announce that the 55-inch television, which goes on sale tomorrow, will cost under $9,000. That may sound like a lot—because it is—but it’s a serious price drop compared to LG, which is currently selling its own 55-inch curved OLED TV for a whopping $14,999.

The move definitely took the industry by surprise, with reports just yesterday saying that Samsung’s TV would cost the same as LG’s model. During today’s media event, the South Korean company explained that the price reduction wasn’t planned, but was instead the result of better that expected yields. Whether Samsung meant to undercut LG or not, today’s news will likely kick off an OLED TV price war, and who doesn’t want that? Besides LG of course.

Samsung’s curved TV also packs in a few new features to attract consumers, including Multi View, which will let viewers watch two separate videos simultaneously by using special 3D glasses, complete with separate audio. For now the company will only offer curved OLED TVs, but hinted that a flat model with similar features may launch in the near future.